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It is now 1949 and the Great War has never ended. Over the last 35 years, neither the Union nor the Reich has succeeded in tipping the precarious balance of power far enough to claim victory. But darker allies are being awoken and ancient rules of warfare, long forgotten, are about to be brought onto the battlefield. In the heart of Central Europe, secular crypts, hiding the Obscura Cardinal Cornerstones, have just been discovered. Immerse yourself in the mystical u-chronic world of Tannhäuser. Take command of the brave men and women of the Army of the Union, or plumb the forbidden secrets of the darker mysteries in the name of the Reich. Live the story of TANNHÄUSER. The end is near, and this is just the beginning … Tannhäuser is a tactical board game of paranormal investigations and Great War combat, pitting the forces of the Reich and the Army of the Union together in a struggle for control of the Obscura Cardinal Cornerstones, magical artifacts of immense power.

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