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Tales of Gargentihr

Tales of Gargentihr

Tales Of Gargentihr is the acclaimed fantasy role-playing game set in an alien world of adventure. In 1492 two continents met and the humans known as Karro first sighted the New World. In the villages there they met a simple and peaceful people who greeted them as gods. From these bases the Karro explored and claimed their New Republic of Gevuria. It is now 1585 and the Ha’esh villages have grown into pollution filled Karro towns: the Ha"esh relegated to second class citizens in their own land. The new Institutes of the Karro collide head on with the old guard of the church, whilst the bordering realms of Khos-Tavar and Ja"Hall look on with growing apprehension at their swiftly expanding neighbor. Into this turmoil come the Clondis, a secret society of adventurers from all walks of life; grizzled streetmen from the back alleys of Rol Katel, educated society men from the mighty capital of Treth and noble Channi, the holy warriors of the Ha’esh. The Clondis accept any who are bold enough into its ranks, and turn away no task that is worthy.

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