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Starship Troopers - The Miniatures Game - Skinnies

Starship Troopers - The Miniatures Game - Skinnies

Very little is known about the Skinnies. Striking almost impunity along the borders of the Federation, they wield weapons of fantastic technology, capturing both personnel and important equipment as they go. A very real threat to humanity, they have nevertheless taken a backseat among the concerns of SICON as the war with the Arachnids wages on. It can only be a matter of time before this alien race strikes hard at important strategic targets within Federation space, forcing the mighty Fleet and the Mobile Infantry to respond. There have been several unconfirmed sightings of Skinnie forces on Arachnid infested worlds. Whether the Skinnies have formed an alliance with Mankind's greatest enemy or are fighting their own war against the bugs has yet to be determined.

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