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Starship Troopers - The Miniatures Game - Arachnids

Starship Troopers - The Miniatures Game - Arachnids

"A million bugs on Pluto, and ten thousand mobile infantry –Vegas odds." Citizens of the Federation, there is every reason to believe that the threat of invasion by Arachnid forces is a very real and present danger. Those citizens still of an age to be remanded into SICON are required to report to their local recruitment office for reassignment. If we are going to keep our worlds safe, we must be prepared to take this war to the Bugs no matter where they might be hiding or how long it takes to kill them all! A strange race of questionable sentience but unmistakable ferocity, the Arachnids have recently been discovered on the planet Pluto in Sol, the primary star system of the United Citizen’s Federation. Insect in origin and possessed of phenomenal strength, Arachnids (or Bugs as they are referred to by most in SICON) appear to be hostile to all forms of life not their own. An Arachnid army is perfect for the kind of player who loves to amass a huge swarm that can literally steamroller its way through an opposing force. The Arachnids represent a varied force and while Warrior Bugs are often used as a mainstay, there are a great many species to experiment with, such as Hoppers, Fireflies and the massive Tankers! As many in the Mobile Infantry say 'they are bigger than you, faster than you and there are more of them!'

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