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Starfinder Role Playing Game - Core & Assorted

Starfinder Role Playing Game - Core & Assorted

The Starfinder Roleplaying Game is a planned tabletop science-fantasy role-playing game system. "Conceptual compatibility" with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, allowing for gamers to convert Pathfinder assets with "a minimum of fuss at the table. Seven core classes: <li>Technomancer ("magical hacker blending technology and magic") <li>Mechanic ("engineer with a robot buddy") <li>Solarian ("mystical melee combatant harnessing the cycles of the stars") <li>Soldier ("heavy weapons specialist") <li>Envoy ("diplomat and ally-booster") <li>Mystic ("caster channeling strange energies to manipulate biological systems") <li>Operative ("stealthy skill specialist") Starships, including: <li>A greater focus on exploration than in Pathfinder, with a galactic scale, many alien worlds and races, and the assumption that player characters comprise the crew of a starship. <li>Starship battles with a distinct miniatures-based combat system on a hexagonal grid with facing and distinct roles for party members similar to Star Trek bridge officers. <li>A system to design, build, and upgrade custom starships. While the system is designed to be largely compatible with Pathfinder, there are also some significant differences: <li>Magic items work differently, and Pathfinder's magic item creation system will be omitted or radically changed. <li>Some skills are consolidated, while other skills are added. <li>Cybertechnology, such as body modifications and implants, are integrated into the core system.

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