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Welcome, brave reader, you who hold the key to unlock a world of intrigue and high adventure! That’s right - in the pages of a SoloQuest book, you are the hero, and the outcome of the story depends upon your actions and choices. You choose which door to open, what to say and how to respond to certain events. You see, each SoloQuest book is divided into numbered entries. These entries further the story, present traps and foes to overcome, and provide you with important information. At the end of each entry, you may be prompted to make a decision. Once you choose your course of action, simply turn to the entry number associated with that decision. For example, you always begin the story with entry #1. After you finishing reading entry #1, you will see multiple options. For example, you may walk along the streets, enter the sewers or, possibly, take a third option that depends upon one of your Ability Scores. If you choose the streets, you turn the pages and begin reading again at entry #457. If you choose the sewers, you turn to entry #120. And so on. You do not read an entry unless the text tells you to do so. Yes, the conclusion of the adventure and the survival of everyone involved rests upon your shoulders! Of course, if you take the wrong path, you can always play again! Even after you complete a game, feel free to try again because this book has more than one ending! Some endings are good, and some endings are bad. If you come to a bad end, simply play again from the beginning!

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