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Serpent's Tongue

Serpent's Tongue

<b>What is Serpent’s Tongue?</b> Serpent’s Tongue is many things. It can be considered an entire gaming system actually; one that can be as casual or intense as you want to make it. But the best way to answer this question is probably to begin with its simplest aspect: <b>Serpent’s Tongue is a Spell Casting Card Game.</b> The game is an immersive magick simulation that minimizes the random elements present in many card games. It was designed for 1 to 8 players, and to use the same resources for cooperative and competitive play. The general concept is that each player is a Magi in possession of a spellbook (called your Codex) containing up to 27 spells (which are never shuffled and never random), 1 Specialization, which can be leveled up to gain powerful abilities and 1 Artifact. You command the honed personal energies of a Magi: Essence, Focus & Will, as well as two universal energies: Resonance, and Harmony. These energies are collected and combined to cast spells and activate abilities.

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