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In 1998, while working in London, England a young Canadian sat in a cafe and watched as a group of friends sitting nearby tried to balance their sugar cubes…for 3 hours straight! What was it that was so addictive about this balancing act? So he tried it himself and was instantly hooked. Rukshuk was born! Part of the allure of “Rukshuk – The Game of Rock Balancing” is in its simple concept. People around the world have been building rock formations in ceremonies, landmarks, traditions and cultures for thousands of years. The creators of Rukshuk felt strongly that this global theme become part of the game design. That is why, from Lebanon to Israel, from the U.S.A. to China, every Rukshuk rock formation is named after an amazing natural rock phenomenon somewhere around the planet. By trying to promote awareness of the world’s natural beauty and the diversity of its culture, the creators of Rukshuk hope to help spread the most universal idea that this big rock is our only home, and we all need to work together to preserve it!

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