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Welcome to Purgatory, the game of pre-apocalyptic conspiracy. You are a Penitent, a person who has died and returned from the grave with bizarre supernatural powers. You're back just in time for the end of the world. The United Nations has formed UNIPEC, a secret group of dangerous men and black helicopters intent on enslaving the Penitents. The forces of Heaven and Hell are also very interested in these little accidents called Penitents. And your fellow Penitents don't always play nice. On top of all that, the biblical apocalypse should be happening any day now...

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Purgatory - A Spinning Coin Universe

By: Atomic Hyrax Games

Stock #: AHG1000

Product Line: Purgatory

Purgatory (Special Edition)

By: Atomic Hyrax Games

Stock #: AHG1001

Product Line: Purgatory

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