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Pike & Shotte - Core & Assorted (28mm)

Pike & Shotte - Core & Assorted (28mm)

The 17th Century saw catastrophic war in Europe, a conflict so savage that its like had hitherto had been unknown, especially to the civilian population. The Thirty Years War ravaged whole countries and populations, whilst the first truly national armies marched and counter marched over Europe. Meanwhile, in Britain, the King was losing power to an aggressive, self-assured Parliament, galvanized be new ways of thinking, by religion and by personal ambition. The two parties were on a collision course to war and when it came in 1642 caught the country unaware and unprepared. The hastily raised armies clashed many times before Parliament triumphed, then succumbed to in-fighting, before the Restoration of Charles II. Warlord brings you all the main protagonists for both wars, Grand divisions, Tercios and whole wings of glittering cavalry are yours to command, led by gentlemen of honor whose names are remembered today, men who commanded and fought in the front ranks: Rupert, Fairfax, Wallenstein, Gustavus Adolphus, Montrose and MacColla the Devastator.

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