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Panzer Grenadier - Supplements - Assorted

Panzer Grenadier - Supplements - Assorted

The Panzer Grenadier series launched in the year 2000 AD, with the original edition of Eastern Front. It has become the most popular game series produced by Avalanche Press, with close to a dozen boxed games published or in preparation, several add-on modules, and at least one planned sister series. Panzer Grenadier is built on a number of principles. First and foremost, as the name implies, infantry is a key component of the combined arms approach to war. The infantry game is an integral part of Panzer Grenadier, and many exciting scenarios include only foot soldiers. Infantry uses direct fire (rifle and machine guns) to attack other “soft” targets, but does most of its damage via assault combat, up close and personal. Unlike some games oriented more toward movies than history, Panzer Grenadier acknowledges that artillery is the god of war. Rifle fire by itself will not destroy many enemies. Artillery fire does, and is very important to prepare the way for tanks and infantry to advance. But of course, the game revolves around tanks. We know what gamers want. Tanks can both attack “soft” targets with direct fire (machine guns and high-explosive rounds) and one another with anti-tank fire. The most important pieces are leaders. Leaders incite troops to move forward, and rally them when they become demoralized. The side with better leadership has a decided advantage. Each game in the Panzer Grenadier series has a huge number of scenarios (game situations), with the deluxe edition of Eastern Front boasting 112 of them. Almost all are for two players. Scenarios are based on historical actions, in which players are given the same forces and objectives of the actual commanders on the scene. The series will continue its expansion, with many new games on the schedule. All of the games currently available stand alone: no pieces from other games are required to fully enjoy them. Just choose the topic that interest you most, and jump right in!

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