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Omni System, The

Omni System, The

The Omni System is Morrigan Press' rules-lite roleplaying game engine used to power RPGs that range from traditional fantasy, modern horror, super heroes, post-apocalyptic, Sci-fi, espionage and more. Affordably priced so all gamers can afford to play, the Omni System provides the tools for years of roleplaying fun. Inspired by the system originally designed for the Talislanta Fantasy Roleplaying Game, Omni puts an emphasis on the social aspects of roleplaying with less reliance on tomes of rules for every gritty detail. One unified mechanic is used for all resolution be that combat, skill use, magic or even psionics. In fact, once the basics are mastered, players and GMs should be able to play entire games without the need to open the core rule book. Designed to be a toolkit and framework for gamemasters who want the freedom and flexibility to play a game their way, the Omni System is constantly being expanded with new genre specific sourcebooks and new campaign worlds to explore. All Omni System games require only a single twenty-sided die, some paper and a pencil to play. So whether you want to play a mighty dwarven warrior, a shifty hacker, a powerful superhero or a starship captain, the Omni System is the RPG system for you. Play great. Less filling.

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