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Noble Armada - A Call to Arms - House Li Halan

Noble Armada - A Call to Arms - House Li Halan

Once buried in a sordid past, renowned for debauchery among nobles and cruelty towards subjects, House Li Halan could have once put Decados to shame. However, during the Barbarian Invasions, House Li Halan found the Pancreator and the entire family converted overnight, with several prominent family members dispatched to monasteries, never to be seen again. Since then, the family has been at the height of orthodoxy, battling heresy and even blocking attempts at change within the Church itself. This orthodoxy carries over into all aspects of life within House Li Halan. They are the strictest adherents to the nobles’ code of etiquette, and the House itself is rigidly structured, with each member being in no doubt as to what their place is. Serfs find it almost impossible to become freemen, while freemen find it hard to gain land, to the point where Li Halan society has begun to resemble an extremely rigid caste system. Children perform the same work their parents did, and few marry outside of their place and occupation.

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