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Noble Armada - A Call to Arms - House Hazat

Noble Armada - A Call to Arms - House Hazat

Once advisors to the now extinct House Chauki, the Hazat overthrew their masters and helped engineer the fall. Since then, the Hazat have repeatedly tried to extend their influence, but have been blocked every time. The Hazat have rarely been subtle and rely on force of arms to achieve their goals. They turned the army against House Chauki but in turn found themselves beholden to the military, who have found their influence among the Hazat grow over time. House Hazat can now not curtail their military buildup, even if they wanted to. Almost all young Hazat go through military training throughout their childhood, and are prepared for positions of command – it is not unusual to find a 12 year old Hazat knight leading forces of hardened veterans.

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