Mutant Chronicles Miniatures Game - The Dark Legion, Algeroth (Fantasy Flight Games)

Megacorporations rule the solar system, locked in a state of perpetual war over border space, trade agreements, and past slights that have outlived their perpetrators. Into this chaotic setting come the demonic forces of the Dark Legion, led by the Apostle Algeroth, hell-bent on the destruction of all humanity. In answer to this horror, the Brotherhood, a grim sect of fanatical zealots has arisen to set themselves against the powers of darkness in mankind's greatest hour of need. This is the story of the Mutant Chronicles Collectible Miniatures Game. Are you ready for the fight? The Mutant Chronicles Collectible Miniatures Game features jaw-dropping 54mm figures with unequalled detail and paint quality. The demons, soldiers, cyborgs, aliens, mutants, undead, and machines of the Mutant Chronicles universe come to life like never before. These pre-painted plastic figures set a new standard for the industry and must be seen to be believed! Algeroth is the master of dark technology, and the conqueror of worlds. Among the followers of the Dark Legion, he is known as the Apostle of War. His armies are far more numerous than those of the other Apostles, and his war machines, constructed from a dark mixture of steel and Necrorganic tissue, make him the biggest overt threat to mankind. A selection of his forces comprise the first Dark Legion faction in the Mutant Chronicles Miniatures Game.

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