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Morningstar (d20)

Morningstar (d20)

Two worlds of great natural beauty locked in a struggle that threatens to destroy them both. Thraxis and Arril: blue sisters sharing an orbit, with continents, seas, and life. A world in the midst of an Age of Majesty many believe will never end: nine diverse Empires at the peak of magical and cultural achievement. A world that has never known an Age of Darkness, where men and women push themselves daily to greater heights. It is an age of innocence and hope, when possibility knows no bounds. Elder races untouched by the decay of time, great monuments to man's resourcefulness and his hubris. Mystic power waiting to be claimed, and a destiny still in the making. Dragons ruling an empire, a land that can forge gods.

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Type: Hardcover
Stock #: IMPGMG4100
Author: Scott Kennan
Publish Year: 2003
Publisher: Goodman Games
Condition: NM
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Condition: Fair+
Condition Note: no cover
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