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Mercs - CCC

Mercs - CCC

Originally a merger of Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Holdings, it has become the most dominate megacon (mega conglomerate) on the East Coast. CCC now stands for Commercial Corporate Continuity. Its holdings extend from mid Quebec over to Chicago (including all of Lake Superior), follows the Mississippi down to New Orleans over to Charlotte, then up the East Coast to Halifax. It specializes in Steel compounds. It became a powerhouse megacon when Molecule Triptych, a division of CCC discovered anamorphous molecular manipulation (AMM). With AMM, CCC was able to manufacture flexible steel. This allowed them to produce stamped molds with incredible material strength. This new material is key in creating the ultra-powerful armor and weapons for their Yellow Jacket MERCS. They are almost unapproachable, as no other conglomerate has been able to figure out AMM, leaving CCC sole supplier of flexible steel to all megacon MERCS. They subcontract and barter arms deals for materials one generation less than that of their own elite Yellow Jackets. Currently, CCC elite MERCS sport nanite-infused flexible steel armor. Their weaponry is less state-of-the-art, but formidable none-the-less, using diamond laced counter-weighted casings of various sizes. These elite troops are a truly formidable foe, but lack the training of some of the other megacons. What they lack in training is clearly made up in the world finest armor.

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