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MTG - Shards of Alara - Singles - Playsets of 4

MTG - Shards of Alara - Singles - Playsets of 4

Shards of Alara isn't just one new world for Magic: The Gathering, it's FIVE! Each shard of Alara is missing two colors of mana, and thousands of years of evolution have led to five divergent societies that are completely unaware of each other's existence. Bant is a land of knights and castles, ruled by angels. Esper is a world where everything is measured and controlled, and artifice touches everything alive. Grixis is a hellscape of death and decay, where everything is either undead or dying. Jund is a primordial world where dragons sit at the top of a vicious food chain. Naya is a lush jungle world where Behemoths are worshipped as gods. These five diverse worlds will all share the same fate. Shards of Alara heralds the return of planeswalker cards, and introduces the first multicolored planeswalkers. Each of the five shards of Alara has its own game play themes, and its own stable of artists. Shards of Alara introduces the new keyword mechanics exalted, devour, and unearth, and features the debut of a new rarity for Magic: The Gathering: Mythic Rare. Shards of Alara is the first set in the Shards of Alara block. It is a 249 card expansion with randomly inserted premium cards.

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