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Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated

Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated

Fans of KoDT wanted to not just read about the gamers, they also demanded to see Bob's, Dave's, Brian's and Sara's characters "in the flesh" - and how could we refuse them? Meet Knuckles the Dwarven Thief, Teflon Billy the Half-Dwarven Battlemage, El Ravager the Human HackFighter, and Thorina the Human Fighter/Ranger/Cleric - the Untouchable Trio (plus One). Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated, or K.ILL as it is affectionately known, builds on the foundation of existing KoDT strips with lots of new material, weaving together a coherent storyline out of the Knight's desparate adventures. Justifying its title, K.ILL expands upon the KoDT universe with high-quality illustrated interpretations (by artists extrordinaire Brian and Brendon Fraim) of the strips fans have come to know and love.

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