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Kingdoms of Kalamar

Kingdoms of Kalamar

Kingdoms of Kalamar is a medieval fantasy setting fundamentally based on realism. Its recent history encompasses the proliferation of 6 human races (subraces, really - they're all human) throughout the world of Tellene. It also includes all of the standard fantasy races of D&D, like elves and dwarves and a few new ones unique to Kalamar like Half-hobgoblins. In fact, full-blooded hobgoblins are also a prevalent, civilized race with their own independent kingdoms. The most advanced societies use steel, including plate armor, and can fashion complex siege weapons. Less advanced groups may still be using bronze or even stone tools. There is no gunpowder. But then again, who needs gun powder when you've got magic? Magic exists and has certainly influenced the history of the world. Wizards and sorcerers are not overly common; Tellene's inhabitants accept most unusual and seemingly inexplicable events as the work of one of the gods rather than arcane magic. In smaller communities, the townsfolk easily confuse wizards and especially sorcerers with clerics, and arcane spells may be misconstrued as miracles or portents of the gods. In fact, the pantheon of deities is one of the aspects of Kalamar that makes it unique. Merely reading through the pantheon of Kalamaran deities will give players and Dungeon Masters alike inspiration for untolding gaming sessions and adventures.

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