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Jeremiah (d20)

Jeremiah is set in a dark and gritty version of our own near-future after every adult on the planet dies in the most virulent pandemic ever to strike the world. More than 6 billion people are killed in what was to be known as The Big Death. With disturbing tie-ins to current events, this post-apocalyptic setting will allow players to adventure in a world like our own with one twist - the characters have been forced to grow up in an often violent and chaotic world without adult guidance and supervision after having been witness to their parents and loved ones die a horrible death, along with 6 billion others. Technology, consumer goods and even food is now hard to come by; forcing players to use their wits just to survive. Jeremiah features an all too realistic and plausible explanation for how civilization self-destructed and offers players an opportunity to rebuild a new world.

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By: Mongoose Publishing

Stock #: MGP1600

Product Line: Jeremiah (d20)

MSRP $39.95

Thunder Mountain

By: Mongoose Publishing

Stock #: MGP1601

Product Line: Jeremiah (d20)

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