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Irondie - Defense Dice

Irondie - Defense Dice

Note: You will receive only 1 die. Irondie IRONDIE is a game which uses combinations of nine different types of dice, each with eight different colors. There are endless possibilities for creating personalized sets so that you can surprise your friends with new tactics and combinations. IRONDIE dice are beautifully crafted and can also be used with existing board games, role-playing games or miniature wargames. IRONDIE dice are made of silver-plated, white metal and covered with a colored translucent paint to highlight their metal luster. Their mass is much more substantive than any plastic or resin die resulting in a better gaming feel and experience. IRONDIE is not a difficult game, but the difference between playing and mastering it lays in the player’s experience. A champion will have well composed sets of dice and know how to best make use of them. The game is recommended for players of ages 13 and up. Dice Types The 9 Types of die, three in each Class, have particular characteristics in Skirmish. Here is a brief description of the details. SMASHER: Very powerful but also very dangerous to use. It can destroy a target die, but if it fails, it destroys itself! ASSAULT: It has the unique ability to strengthen or weaken an Attack die, whether the Attack die belongs to the player or her opponent. BALLISTIC: A sniper that can take one or two points away from any die. Perfect to take life points from the opponent despite his or her defensive shield. NULLIFIER: Unpredictable, it can take any die temporarily out of play (Limbo). You can even use it to prevent your own dice being destroyed. BARRIER: It strengthens or weakens a Defense die. Good complement to the Assault and strong couple with the Nullifier. Powerup: It can add one or three points to any die. It is a perfect healer but also useful in creating combos. SWARM: Use it to rout the opponent’s defense paving the way for an overpowering attack. A “must” for any Attack set. FORTRESS: Use it to weaken the opponent’s attacks. It can improve the player’s defense or even take its place. REGENERATION: It regenerates one of the player’s dice from Limbo and puts it back into play; an unpleasant surprise for any opponent. Dice Colors The dice Colors, 8 in all, are another characteristic which determines particular effects both in Skirmish and in Battle. Here is a brief description of the effects. BLACK: Specialized as SMASHER. It is the color for those who want to defeat the opponent quickly, but can also have a stomach unpleasant surprises. RED: Specialized as ASSAULT. Red is the ideal color for those who want to create a set aimed at overpowering the opponent with powerful attacks. PURPLE: Specialized as BALLISTIC. A color suitable for distance attacks and a perfect support of blue defenses. It allows for unpredictable and flexible combinations. BLUE: Specialized as NULLIFIER. By definition, the color of defense and the best color to disturb an opponent’s game; together with Purple and Green it can create lethal sets. GREEN: Specialized as BARRIER. The most suited to weather an opponent’s strikes and frustrate his or her attack tactics; like nature, it is hard to rule. WHITE: Specialized as Powerup. Sworn enemy of Black, its strength is its healing power. Though not very aggressive, it can surprise any opponent who is seeking an easy victory. ORANGE: Specialized as SWARM. Combined with Red it is an excellent attack color, but when it coupled with Yellow it can offer an aggressive Life set. YELLOW: Specialized as FORTRESS. Just like the sun, it gives life, blinds attackers, and helps regenerate quickly. It is the perfect assurance of a long life.

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