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Hordes Mk I - Trollbloods - Loose Miniatures (28mm)

Hordes Mk I - Trollbloods - Loose Miniatures (28mm)

For centuries they have seen their sacred lands taken and their numbers diminished. Now the human nations have brought war to their last refuges in western Immoren. Banding together with their less civilized kin, the trollkin are on the warpath united with heavily armed trolls and the wild dire trolls. The Trollblood march to war to claim what is theirs. Mighty chieftains rise to rally the trollkin. Among the kriels of the Thornwood Forest, Chief Madrack Ironhide has become an inspiration to his people. Chief Madrack is unstoppable in battle as an albino master of both sorcery and arms. His people have called to him, and he will defend them against all aggressors. Together with their mighty cousins the Trolls, they will rise up to claim what is rightfully theirs and shake the Iron Kingdoms with their war cries.

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