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Heirs to Olympia

Heirs to Olympia

The Heirs to Olympia setting is unlike other medieval fantasy settings. It is not about hundreds of monsters rampaging around the countryside and magical energy coursing through every aspect of existence. Rather, it is about believable, history-inspired human cultures competing for power in a world just a little more magical than our own. Elves, dwarves, orcs, dragons, and wizards all exist, but they exist on the fringes and margins of the real action. Inside the world of Heirs to Olympia you will find charismatic troubadours singing tales of courtly love alongside venomous plots and political intrigue. You will find gritty tales of knights trying to survive disease and famine while on extended campaign. Priests and Priestesses of the sun god Helios and the moon goddess Selene compete for power and followers throughout the Kingdom of Olympia and beyond. The few wizards that survive in the current age hunt out the survivors of the lost dragon empire in hopes of finding the knowledge they need to restore themselves to power...

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