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Hawkmoon - The Roleplaying Game

Hawkmoon - The Roleplaying Game

Centuries after the Tragic Millennium, when the old order of Earth was washed away in fire and poison, Europe has been reduced to a land of squabbling princedoms, of monster-haunted wormwoods and empty, ruined cities. From the bleak and terrible island of Granbretan, the Dark Empire plots to conquer all the world. Their beast-masked legions, armed with flying ornithopters and sorcerous flame-lances, march across the Silver Bridge to put all of France to the sword. The Madness of Granbretan will consume all the universe if not checked. There are other powers in this strange world – relics of ancient sorcery, creatures bred of the chaos of the Tragic Millennium, mysteries beyond comprehension. The most mysterious of these powers is the Runestaff, which legend holds controls all fate. Those who swear by the Runestaff are enmeshed in destiny and their oaths will sweep them to their doom. Sometimes, the Runestaff chooses champions, manipulating events to put them where they must be to serve its cryptic purpose. This clash of powers is coming. Those few chosen by destiny will be pitted against the infinite evil of Granbretan. Create your character. Choose your weapon. Accept your destiny.

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