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Harpoon (Clash of Arms Games)

Harpoon (Clash of Arms Games)

The era of modern naval combat began on October 21, 1967 when Egyptian missile boats launched four Soviet-made Styx surface-to-surface missiles and sank the Israeli destroyer Elath at a range of 13.5 nautical miles. The face of naval warfare changed forever! Harpoon, by Larry Bond and Chris Carlson, handles all aspects of maritime combat: surface, sub-surface, and air. Harpoon is a system of detailed but comprehensible rules covering the many facets of modern naval actions. Consistent rating systems and evaluations of the capabilities of modern naval vessels, aircraft, submarines, and helicopters make it possible to achieve realistic results when simulating known situations. But Harpoon is more than a highly detailed simulation of modern naval tactics: it is a game which provides hours of enjoyment and recreation. Its treatment of modern naval warfare is the best available short of being on the bridge yourself.

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