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Godslayer Miniatures - Halodynes (32mm)

Godslayer Miniatures - Halodynes (32mm)

Bronze and blood - these are the bricks and mortar with which the glorious Halodyne civilization was built. This proud and sophisticated culture of city-states and temple-cults re-civilized three continents, and the Halodynes are accounted one of the five Blessed Peoples chosen by the Asrae gods. Marching to its drumbeat are the navies of triremes and the armies of hoplites; the might of the Halodynes made manifest. It is they who are the guardians of the civilization whose majesty shines from the marble cities encircling the turquoise waters of the Metronian Sea, glittering like jewels in the warm Pancephalos sun. Dazzling as these cities are, they are but the instruments from which resounds the true accomplishment of the Halodynes - its culture.

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