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Godlike (Hobgoblin Press)

Godlike (Hobgoblin Press)

In 1936, people begin manifesting strange powers which set them apart from the rest of humanity. These so-called paranormal "Talents" allow a chosen few to do the impossible. No one really knows why. With these powers, man first took to the air without mechanical aid, explored the depths of the sea without life support, and touched the rim of space. To these Talents, reality is something to be shaped and molded by the power of the mind alone. Most, however, can only warp reality in small, consistent ways, each power as unique as the Talent's own personality. To the rank and file of humanity, these chosen few seem godlike in their capabilities; only the Talents know the true secret. The secret is this: the power that they have found by chance seems pale and pointless in the face of death. Few know the way your family, friends and enemies look at you when you do the impossible. Few understand how the power sets you apart, how it makes you more, and yet somehow less. How there is so much more to fail at, in a Talent’s world without limits. This is the secret: These fears, like the power that feeds them, are godlike in their scope.

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