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Gestalt - The Hero Within Role Playing Games

“Gestalt” is Scott Bennie's unique world of superhuman archetypes. Superhero comic books contain worlds of Archetypes, individuals who represent important symbols. They are populated by characters who represent concepts such as Heroism, Strength, Speed, Cleverness, The Elements, Kindness, Cruelty, and Ambition. All fiction deals in archetypes or symbols, but comic books apply them more consciously than most fictional forms.

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Gestalt - The Hero Within (M&M Superlink)

By: BlackWyrm Games

Stock #: BWG601

Product Line: Gestalt - The Hero Within

MSRP $39.95

Gestalt - The Hero Within (Hero System)

By: BlackWyrm Games

Stock #: BWG600

Product Line: Gestalt - The Hero Within