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General Magazine - Volumes 09 to Volume 16

General Magazine - Volumes 09 to Volume 16

THE GENERAL was Avalon Hill's Bi-Monthly gaming magazine dedicated to Avalon Hill Games. Each issue is packed with a variety of strategy, tactics, replays, and variant articles supporting AH line of games. Started in 1964, The General stood as the premiere publication for historical simulation gaming for 30 years. In addition, The General is also your source of strategy for our computer games line, like ADVANCED CIVILIZATION. Interested in learning how to play well against the "AI", The General is your source. Each issue is fully illustrated with pictures and diagrams which help support the articles and show the action on the game board or computer screen. Want to know where to build a city in ADVANCED CIVILIZATION? The General can show you. Want to know when and how to bluff during a trade session? The General!!! Many issues feature variants, inserts and expansions.

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