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Game Mason - Dungeons (Hand Cast Resin)

Game Mason - Dungeons (Hand Cast Resin)

Designed for Role-Playing-Games, with Play-Ability and Durability in mind. Rapidly create a wide variety of layouts, including detailed chambers and corridors with single and double doors, secret doors and passageways, campsites, etc., in real time. Treasure chests, Barrels, Fireplaces, Stalagmites, Fire-pits, Well/Portals and Monster bedding will further add to the detail. This Dungeon system has none of the inconveniences of having to interlock the pieces. With Game Mason Dungeons you can build an entire dungeon level, or simultaneously build multiple yet separate encounter areas when the adventuring party splits. To keep the players guessing, build only the area currently viewable by the adventurers. Game Masters, have the characters get lost when they are not mapping their course! No more “Skinny Walls”, These walls are five scale feet thick, tough, weighty, and stand on their own. Now you can use your own game mat and save even more on our already low prices! You can also buy Game Mason Dungeons sets with floor panels. The choice is yours to make. The sculptures are hand-cast resin with high level of detail. The wall pieces have the look and feel of real stone, and the doors have a rough hewn timber appearance, with locks on one side and handles on the other {handy to identify the need of a rogue’s lock picking ability}. The large variety and number of pieces, are sized for easy use, movement and excellent visualization of characters within encounter areas. This dungeon system is also designed for rapid repositioning and creation of rooms, right around the characters. “Your RPG Adventure revolves around the characters” with the entire layout rapidly changed as the adventurers move to a new encounter or location.

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