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Firestorm Armada - Zenian League (1:600)

Firestorm Armada - Zenian League (1:600)

The core war fleets of the Dindrenzi Navy have been given the responsibility of pushing through the Storm Zone, leaving the Directorate fleets with the primary objective of capturing the star forts running along the Aquan border, and thus neutralizing the Aquan reserves. Meanwhile the Relthoza have been tasked with crushing opposition along the Sorylian border and disrupting the Sorylian defense network. The military tacticians of the Dindrenzi Navy have plotted and planned every maneuver, maintaining strict control over the command structure of the invasion forces, even to the extent of assembling combined fleets of Dindrenzi, Directorate and Relthoza squadrons. These ZENIAN LEAGUE fleets as they are called are used as strike forces, and are sent on vital missions ahead of the war fleets.

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