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Firestorm Armada - The Alliance of Kurak (1:600)

Firestorm Armada - The Alliance of Kurak (1:600)

Not long after the creation of the Alliance of Kurak, the senior admirals within the Aquan Sebrutan advocated the formation of Fleets and Battle Groups that comprised squadrons from each of the three signatories of the treaty. These ALLIANCE FLEETS went through training and battle man oeuvres within Terran territory, a number of them developing a strong sense of unity and purpose. Initially Terran politicians ensured that they kept the ALLIANCE FLEETS close to home within the Terran Hub, but as the conflict continues to escalate they have now given the Terran Navy permission to send the ALLIANCE FLEETS from assembly zones at Fortress and Shepper’s Forge into Fathoms Reach. In addition to the first three members of the Alliance, a number of smaller systems have been dragged into the war, and the races who inhabit them have now become Alliance of Kurak members, having signed the treaty and are now supplying their own warships to operate within these mixed fleets. These smaller territories have also formed their own Fleets and Battle Groups, which the Alliance admirals have designated as SUPPORT FLEETS. Generally the smaller territories have limited naval construction capability, and often tend to focus on the construction of particular classes of ship, which usually means that a SUPPORT FLEET contains mixed squadrons from different territories. They frequently operate in the rear areas far from the main fighting, but as the carnage increases and the chaos spreads, they are being pushed to the forefront of the fighting.

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