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Fireborn is a world on the edge of a storm. One it has weathered before at the cost of great losses: the loss of countless lives, of the world’s great civilizations, of magic. The scions alone know that there was a mythic age, know what happened to the world at its end, and know what needs to be done to stop it from happening again. They know... because they were there. Scions are at once human and more than human. While born of flesh and blood, their souls are far older. Throughout the ages, scions have been reborn in human form, each time remembering less and less of their former selves. As magic fled the world at the end of the mythic age, so did the wyrms’ strength of spirit. As the last ice age receded and the modern age began, the memory of the mythic age was all but gone. Now that's changing. None are sure why... a prophecy fulfilled, the stars aligned, a ritual completed? Regardless, karma, the force that Westerners call “magic,” that wise men of the East call “ki,” and that the ancient Egyptians called “ka,” has returned. And with it all manner of beasts and wonders…

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