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Extreme Vengeance

Extreme Vengeance

Extreme Vengeance is a cinematic action-hero role-playing game. The game system features just two stats--Guts and Coincidence, an array of heroic "Repertoire" (like Dramatic Slo-Mo, which lets you take no damage for the turn!), and an Action Matrix that awards flashy stunts (and discourages blend descriptions). It's designed for fast action and minimal bookkeeping. Unlike ordinary, wimpy role-playing games where keeping track of ammo and passing two-shots-a-minute from behind cover are the norm, this one is overloaded with larger-than-life heroes who speed into a roomful of armed men on a forklift with auto-rifles and contempo tunes thundering loudly; who watch an enemy jet explode 20 feet away, then casually make dinner plans with the attractive foreign beneficiaries of their heroism via subtitles. That's right! No boring "realism," no tedious modifiers, no grim storytelling, no holds barred! Just outrageous plots, wild action, and rip-roaring fun that delivers all the cinematic excitement right to you!

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