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Enemy in Sight

Enemy in Sight

Beat to quarters! Clear for action! Trim to battle sails! Run out the big guns! Arrgghh, Matey! There's an ENEMY IN SIGHT, broadsides to be fired, prizes to be taken and fun to be had in this exciting card game of chance and skill depicting the age of sail. John Paul Jones and Lord Nelson sail the seas again on your gaming table in this easy-to-learn recreation of 18th and 19th Century naval combat suitable for the entire family. HMS Victory, USS Constitution ("Old Ironsides"), USS Constellation - they made naval history and they're all here from the mighty ships of the line to the fast and nimble frigates. Break the line, rake the enemy's bow or stern, set the enemy afire, pull alongside and board through the smoke to take home a "prize". Blockades, fire ships, running aground and the weather gauge all play a role in a constantly-evolving naval battle reminiscent of Horatio Hornblower and Lucky Jack Aubrey at their audacious best. So board your "ragwagon" and join the fleet.

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