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End of the World, The (Fantasy Flight Games)

End of the World, The (Fantasy Flight Games)

If you’ve ever wondered how you might cope in the face of the apocalypse, this RPG line gives you the chance to find out. Beginning with Zombie Apocalypse, each of these books allows you and your friends to play as yourselves, in your own home town, using whatever gear you can find as you desperately struggle to survive another day in the tumult of humanity’s destruction. Of course, the different variations of the apocalypse are nearly limitless, and you may find humanity threatened by mindless zombies, the rise of artificial intelligence, alien invasions, or the wrath of the gods. The End of the World books offer a different roleplaying experience than other roleplaying games. In many traditional roleplaying games, you play a fictional character, ranging from a human thief, to a dwarf war-mage, and beyond. In The End of the World books, however, you play as yourself! Before your first game, you’ll create an abstracted version of yourself, focusing on six characteristics: dexterity, vitality, logic, willpower, charisma, and empathy. These characteristics help you to determine exactly what you’re capable of in the chaos of the apocalypse.

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