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Elric Novels (Berkley Books)

Elric Novels (Berkley Books)

The saga of Michael Moorcock’s Elric line tell the grandest of tales. While it focuses on the story of one person, Elric of Melnibone himself, it also speaks of the symbols of power that all grand stories have. Elric had Stormbringer – a sword that reputedly had an ego of mythical proportions. Melnibone is a truly brutal nation – slaves have their vocal chords altered so they may sing only a single note for the parties of the royal lineage. Traitors to the country are dealt with harshly and thoroughly, spies being tortured so lavishly that it is considered an art form in the vicious Melnibonean culture. The death of a passed king is funeralized with a week-long romp of rape and death. These are just some examples of the viciousness of the Dragon Isle of Melnibone.

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