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Dystopian Legions - Prussian Empire (28mm)

Dystopian Legions - Prussian Empire (28mm)

The great Prussian Reichswehr has proven itself throughout its history to be one of the finest fighting forces ever to have devastated the surface of the Earth. The hammer-blow of any Prussian offensive comes in the form of the Grenadiers. These fine infantry are drilled to their cores and well equipped with some of the finest personal equipment. First and foremost is the Mauser-Tesla M69 Breach-Loading Rifle, a weapon made to the highest standards. At the end of this weapon is a violent ‘Tesla Bayonet’, a two pronged electrical device that gives every Prussian Infantryman the upper hand against their opponents. In battle the Grenadiers favor highly offensive tactics, close range firepower followed by a stern charge to rout their enemies.

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