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DicePunk System, The

DicePunk System, The

What kind of RPG is the DicePunk system? Great question! It can be described as “rules lite” compared to most traditional RPGs, but if you’re coming here from something like Fiasco or Dungeon World, well, it’s certainly a wee bit crunchier and heftier than those. So “rules medium” is a better option. It’s definitely not like Dungeons & Dragons or Shadowrun where you might spend precious hours just micro-managing your character’s starting gear selection. However, it’s also not a “story game” that feels more like telling a collaborative story than playing a game. On its own, the DicePunk System gives you all the tools you need to run everything from 80’s action blockbusters toHard Boiled to Fargo to Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction

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