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Deadlands (d20)

Deadlands (d20)

The year is 1877, but the history is not our own. The Civil War drags on, stalled by some horrific occurrences neither the United States nor The Confederacy want the public to know about. The Indians have reclaimed their tribal lands, claiming spirits have granted them amazing powers. California was shattered by a massive earthquake back in '68, leaving a "Great Maze" of labyrinthine sea-canyons and exposing an amazing new superfuel known as ghost rock! It's a boom-town like no other, with fortunes to be made for those bold enough to make their way West! But there's something going on in the American West. Something sinister. Something Weird. The shadows are deeper, the nights longer - fear stalks the land like a hungry beast. Abominations from man's legends and nightmares lurk in the shadows, and strange cults flourish in isolated places on the high planes.

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Type: Softcover
Stock #: S2PPEG1110
Author: John Goff, Shane Hensley, John Hopler
Publish Year: 2001
Publisher: Pinnacle
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Type: Module
Stock #: S2PPEG1037
Author: Christopher McGlothlin
Publish Year: 2001
Publisher: Pinnacle

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