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DTP War Games (Firefight Games)

DTP War Games (Firefight Games)

A gaming name with some well known and respected names: Paul Rohrbaugh and Perry Moore. Both names are well known in wargame circles. Perry is a longtime vet to wargames since 1980, when his first designs began to be published. Paul has received accolades for his development of numerous games, not to mention his own design abilities. They have decided to join forces and create the "Lennon\McCartney" for wargaming. Joking aside, each has made a considerable contribution to the hobby in their own way. Perry, often known as a "maverick" has published numrous wargames on some very interesting topics. He seems to have knack in picking out good battles to simulate. His designs are always innovative. Paul began more in the development end. His strengths are there. He has developed designs for many other designers (not to mention his own). Paul also picks rather interesting battles to design a game around. Before with ATO, he was instrumental in developing some of Perry's designs.

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