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Critter Commandos - Core & Miscellaneous

Critter Commandos - Core & Miscellaneous

CRITTER COMMANDOS is a game of squad level (and larger) combats that occur in a universe gone mad. All the combatants are modeled after Saturday morning cartoon characters, and that the damage caused by the weapons isn't really real! Each bit of damage puts a "hole" in the character (just like a cartoon!), and when they've taken enough holes, they are out of the game. But they come back for the next episode, safe and sound! This game is intended to be a fast and fun introduction to the world of miniatures games, while also having some role-playing elements. Each soldier has an INDEX that tells you how fast it is, how smart it is, how well it can shoot, and more. They also have a list of whatever weapons they carry. Using this, you as the player control how the battle unfolds, and try for ultimate victory. The combat is quick-paced and east to learn. It uses a single roll on a ten-sided die to figure out any combat. The emphasis is on fun and excitement, not massive tomes of over complicated, supposedly "realistic" systems that bog down in too much detail.

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