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Cold Steel Reign

Cold Steel Reign

Ride the deadly trails of a turned and frightening world... The world lies broken and cast in ruins. Humanity has been left staggering and sore, choking in the dusts of time, struggling to survive against a backdrop of religious wars and black rains. This is a shattered world, one that's been thrown back on itself at the height of the Civil War and left smoldering in a dark age from which it may never rise again. It's turned world of six-shooters and superstition, walking fears, waking nightmares, and sudden death. A world of cracked leather and gun smoke, wasteland, and dust. A world where vile machines stir to life with steam power born of blood, where medicine men drug themselves into dreams of tomorrow, and pale-skinned beasts stalk in the mists. Here baronies war over water and trade routes, gunslingers ride in the shadows, and bullets buy whiskey quicker than gold. This a world torn within the grip of a Cold Steel Reign. From game designer Patrick Ellison, Mad Hermit Games brings you Cold Steel Reign, a fantasy wild west roleplaying game like no other. Set in a post-Apocalyptic alternate history, Cold Steel Reign weaves a gritty tale of dark fantasy tinged with the flash of gunfire. This is what wild west roleplaying games were meant to be.

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