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Chronopia - Core & Assorted (Target Games)

Chronopia - Core & Assorted (Target Games)

From beyond the grave, the mythic One King has returned to reclaim his lost kingdom, sending cries of hope and wonder throughout the Firstborn people. His usurpers have squandered their spoils of war and the great Triad of the Elven Dukes, the Dwarf Overlords and the Ogre Emperor has collapsed. The sinister power of the serpent people known as Stygians, asleep and forgotten for millennium has been awakened and their march to reclaim the lands of Chronopia has just begun. The four dark prophets, twisted by their hatred for the One King, have made terrible pacts with an unearthly evil. Now, with the Dark One’s power behind them, the prophets wage an escalating war of conversion and annihilation. In the Empire of the Blackbloods, the Swamp Goblins have seceded, carving a new kingdom for themselves and their Elven Allies. Far to the North beyond the great barrier wall, the Sons of Kronos, a once proud and united people, now fragmented in their beliefs prepare for the last defense of their lands against the growing enemies that surround them.

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