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Chronicles of Ramlar (Revised Edition)

Chronicles of Ramlar (Revised Edition)

The Chronicles of Ramlar is a fantasy roleplaying game, with a heroic setting of Eranon, one of the two major continents on a world created by Ramlar, the Maker of All. The premise behind the game is to create your own heroes and weave their own chapters of legend and legacy to be immortalized in The Book-the ultimate annals chronicling Ramlar’s world. Will that be easy? No, otherwise anybody could do it. Not everyone is capable of slaying dragons and monstrous creatures terrorizing the countryside, banishing rapacious entities with divine faith the sole arsenal, or channeling the mystical energy of the leylines to defend entire civilizations. But you are. And in your exploits, you may experience any of the Ramlar’s wonders, from the exhilarating height of the Cliffs of Eternity to the soul-screaming depth of The Mouth, from the monumental Arbor Palace to perhaps the fabled Hethmarkn archive where The Book rests and epic tales culminate. Your tales. Maybe you will choose to side with the Druegarn and their fellow spawns of the Dark God Gabrun. Maybe you will oppose the honored warriors on the battlefield of the next Dakass Luot, prefacing the Song of Unmaking. Whatever your destiny, the power to cement your glory lies in your hands. Your chapter in The Chronicles of Ramlar has just begun.

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