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Chosen is a unique combination of mythology and stellar exploration, focusing on the notion of legendary creatures come to life again in a futuristic world. These creatures, the Beasts, embody humanity's creativity. They appear whenever humanity faces a turning point, and strive to shift the balance toward individuality, creativity, and chaos. But the Beasts have no physical form, so they must seek out avatars. They examine the Gifted, those mortals with unusual abilities, and then select those who match them in temperament. Ultimately only one Gifted can be Chosen, and he or she becomes the Beast incarnate, bonding with that powerful entity. The year is 2500, and the Beasts have returned, preparing for the next turning point in human history. And you play the Gifted. But this time things have changed, and the Beasts find themselves facing lasers and starships and intelligent computers-devices far more powerful than they remember. How will these creatures react, and how will humanity react to the return of their ancient legends?

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Type: Hardcover
Stock #: CLK0030
Author: Aaron Rosenberg
Publish Year: 2001
Publisher: Clockworks
Condition: NM
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