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Children of the Sun

Children of the Sun

Raevich is a world of grit and oil, of dust and mud. It has sweeping arcane technology and wicked applications for magical investigation. In short, it is a world at the crux of two golden ages, one of technology and one of magic. The eldritch colleges continue to expand the frontier of what is possible while arcane engineers take the basic principles of matter and energy and bend them to create towering machines of beauty and danger. The legends of heroes are still sung in taverns and the courts of kings, even as a different breed of soldier is trained with newly developed weapons: rifle, pistol and cannon. The scars of old wars are beginning to weep bitter bile into the underworld and the omens of the mystics speak of more dangerous times to come. The world of Children of the Sun is gravely stark, yet epic, flush with as many possibilities for savage demise as heroic success.

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