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CAV - Mitso-Ta

CAV - Mitso-Ta

In 2176, the Terrans had their first encounter with an extraterrestrial race. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the Rach, and what should have been a propitious welcoming of a new society into the burgeoning intergalactic culture almost immediately turned into a full-out war. Where other Terrans saw disaster, though, Ichizaemon Morimura of Sapporo, Japan saw opportunity. When it became apparent that the Rach weren't the only species out there in the reaches of space, Morimura reasoned that not all intelligent beings could be so warlike as the Rach. Some of them were bound to be friendly, and, if that were so, there was an amazing new market out there, a virtually limitless expanse of civilizations that would be hungry for trade with the Terrans. In 2177, Mitso-Ta (which was named for Morimura's twin daughters) was formed, making it the first Terran venture aimed specifically at building an import-export business between Earth and the rest of the galaxy. Morimura was sure that the Terrans would be eager for the amazing new technologies the "aliens" had to offer, but he wasn't as confident of his ability to find things that would be worthwhile in trade. To ensure that his exports were of the highest quality, Morimura decided to control production by building his own factory, specializing in the kinds of consumer electronics and power sources for which the rest of the galaxy was apparently starving. Since then, Mitso-Ta has steadily built its reputation as the galaxy's premier manufacturer of electronic, computer, and power products. In 2203, Mitso-Ta became the first Terran UCOR, launching itself aggressively into this new form of self-governing business. Today, Mitso-Ta continues to pursue new markets and new industries through exhaustive research and development. Indeed, the pioneering spirit of Ichizaemon Morimura lives on in the creative ideas and dedicated commitment to excellence that Mitso-Ta has so successfully exported to touch the lives and careers of millions throughout the galaxy. Always aggressive in its business tactics, Mitso-Ta has never been one to shy away from a confrontation. It was Mitso-Ta's discovery of KDM's claim-jumping in the Cygnus system that led to the war that broke out in that system in 2210. Since that disastrous conflict, Mitso-Ta has taken pains to maintain close ties with the Terran government and the other Terran UCOR's. It does not plan to be caught unprepared for such a situation again.

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