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CAV - Mark IV

CAV - Mark IV

The now-legendary businessman Forsten Scenna founded Mark IV Industries in 2025 on Capella IV, the fourth planet of the system that houses the Malvernian Empire. Whereas most Malvernians spend their days in the worship of Khardullis and his teachings, Scenna stood out by maintaining business as his god. In the beginning, Scenna butted heads with the Grand Inquisitors of his day. There was more than a little concern that one who prized business success so highly might lead others away from the concern of Khardullis. That very success, however, made Mark IV such an integral part of the Malvernian economic structure that the Grand Inquisitors hesitated to tinker with its workings. For this reason, when Mark IV formed into a UCOR in 2204, it did so with the blessing of the office of the Grand Inquisitor. In fact, many observers detected more than a little relief coming from that powerful quarter. By separating Mark IV politically from the rest of the empire, Malvernis strengthened both its spiritual unity and its economic strength. Although Mark IV has long specialized in the production of CAV's, armaments, computers, breeders, and power units -- all essential ordnance in war -- for most of its history it has managed to remove itself from direct conflict with its competitors. "At Mark IV," Scenna was known to say, "War is not our passion. It is our business." Throughout the years, Mark IV has been well known for being willing to sell weaponry and power-related infrastructures to just about anyone, as long as the customer wasn't officially involved in a conflict with Malvernis. Since few organizations were willing to take on the Empire directly, Mark IV's client list covered most large organizations in the known galaxy—up until the Galaxy War, that is. Still, there is no doubting the loyalty of Mark IV's people, either collectively or individually. Over 30% of Mark IV's business is directly with Malvernis, making the Grand Inquisitor the UCOR's largest customer. When the Grand Inquisitor calls, you can be sure that Mark IV will answer.

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